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Welcome to Print Like This!

It’s our goal to help you fix your printer problem and get back to printing your photos, documents, reports, and greeting cards.

We write concise, accurate guides to help you quickly fix your printer. We can help you troubleshoot error codes, connect to WiFi, fix paper jams, and refill your ink cartridges.

Free printer support. Nothing wrong with that!

Who has time for glitchy printers? Let’s fix it and move on.

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Robert Parr

Friday 2nd of June 2023

Hello I have tried all your fixes of how to reset a Canon printer (a Canon TS3355). None of them work. I have refilled the print cartridges by injection - and the printer, I believe, knows these cartridges have been in before, and considers them exhausted.

I'd like to reset the ink gauges! Or failing that do a factory reset. Can you tell me why none of your methods work? Is the TS3355 particularly difficult?