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Brother Printer Default Password: 2 Places (3 Reset Options)

Brother Printers offer all-in-one and laser printers to help you with your printing, faxing and scanning office needs. It’s important for printer owners to know how to change the Brother printer default password to something they will be able to remember in the future. 

The purpose of this password is to keep your firmware, BRAdmin, Web Based Management, and Remote Setup secure as the printer owner. 

There are three Brother printer default passwords:

  • Initpass
  • Access
  • Combination of numbers and letters at the bottom of the label after “Pwd:” 
brother printer default password

How to Find Your Brother Printer Default Password

When you first purchase one of the printers, your default password will be in one of two locations:

  1. On the back of the printer on a label with the code “Pwd:”
  2. In front or on the Network Configuration Report

1. Pwd Label

If the first location is where the password is, you will notice that there is a default “Pwd” located on the back of the printer.

This Brother default password is a combination of numbers and letters. 

2. Network Configuration Report

If this method does not work, you may need to access the Network Configuration browser. If you cannot read the password on the label, this online page may make it easier to read the numbers and letters. 

The quickest way to find the Network Configuration browser for your Brother printer is to search based on your Brother printer model and model number. 

In some cases, you may forget your customized Brother printer default password or lose the label. For owners who are not able to access their settings, we recommend resetting the Network Card to the default settings and changing the password. 

Reset Your Brother Password via Network Configuration: Method #1

The fastest way to reset your network card to the default settings is to do the following:

  1. Press the ‘Menu’ button on your printer
  2. Use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows to control the selection
  3. Click on ‘Network’
  4. Click on ‘Network Reset’
  5. Press ‘OK’ to continue
  6. Reset and reboot the network 

Resetting Your Brother Default Password via Browser: Method #2

If you would like to find your Brother printer’s default password, the easiest way to do so is by the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer connected to the Brother printer (i.e., Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  2. Type “http://printer IP” into the web browser — substitute your Brother printer’s specific IP address for the ‘printer IP’ in this example
    1. If you do not know your printer’s IP address, visit the Control Panel on your laptop 
    2. Another way to find your printer’s IP address is to go to the Brother printer and use the Menu navigation tool
  3. On the Login page, type the default password into the “Login” bar
  4. Click on “Login Password” or “Administrator” to continue
  5. Type in the new password for your Brother printer in the “Enter New Password” bar
  6. Select “Confirm New Password”
  7. Re-enter the customized password
  8. Click on the “Submit” button 

Reset via ‘All Programs’: Method #3

After finding your Brother default password utilizing your web browser, you can change the default password by doing the following:

  1. Click ‘Start’
  2. Choose ‘All Programs’ on your Desktop page
  3. Select your Brother printer model
  4. Enter your password — finding the default password before this step is critical

Change The Name Of Your Brother Printer

Along with changing the default password for your Brother printer, you might find that it is safest and easiest to change the name of your printer as well.

The easiest way to change the name of your printer is to do the following:

  1. Enter the printer’s IP address into the search engine bar
  2. Enter your customized Brother printer password 
  3. Click on the “Network” button 
  4. Choose either “Wired” or “Wireless” based on your specific printer setup
  5. Click on the corresponding “Node Name” button for your printer
  6. Delete the Node Name and replace it with a personalized name for your Brother Printer
  7. Click on the “Submit” button 

Here’s how to connect your Brother printer to WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the importance of your Brother password printer and how to change the Brother default password can help you keep your documents safe, prevent hackers, and provide better peace of mind. 

How can I contact Brother customer support?

If you have an issue with resetting your Brother printer’s default password, the easiest way to find an answer is to go to the Brother’s FAQ page. If you cannot find the answer to your specific query, we recommend submitting a ticket

Why should I have a password on my Brother printer?

Although it may seem unnecessary to have a password on your printer, this security measure can help protect against hackers accessing your personal items, gaining access to your connected devices, or having unauthorized work printed on your printer. 

What is the best Brother printer for me?

There are numerous printer options that can work for your unique needs. The best way to find a printer for your house or office space is to narrow down the selection based on the size, price, limitations, and requirements.

Some of the highest-rated Brother printers on the market are the Brother MFC-L3770CDW Laser printer, Brother MFC-L2750DW printer, Brother MFC-J4335DW printer, and the Brother MFC-J1205W printer.

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