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Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi: 4 Easy Fixes

Why is my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi? There are many reasons for this frustrating situation. Here’s why you’re having printer connectivity problems. Plus, specific steps to fix each one.

Having trouble with your Brother printer not connecting to WiFi? Here’s why: weak WiFi signal, out-of-date drivers and firmware, wrong WiFi settings, and maybe a printer that isn’t WiFi compatible.

Here’s how to correct each of these common wireless printing issues.

brother printer not connecting to wifi

Before we begin, have you read this guide to connecting a Brother printer to WiFi? This guide is part of our larger guide about wireless printing.

Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi: 4 Reasons

There are four main reasons you can’t connect to WiFi.

  1. Weak WiFi signal: This can be improved by reducing the distance to the router or by improving the signal strength.
  2. Out of date drivers and firmware: Old software – especially on older equipment – can cause connectivity issues with printers.
  3. Wrong WiFi settings: This one is pretty obvious, but worth checking just the same. Does the password your using match the correct network SSID?
  4. Printer isn’t WiFi-capable: While this isn’t likely, it’s good to confirm. Not all printers are wireless. Look for the WiFi logo, a WiFi button, or wireless settings in the menu to confirm.

Here’s how to fix each of these issues.

1. Weak WiFi Signal

Having a weak WiFi signal is the most common reason for printer connectivity problems.

There are two ways to fix a weak WiFi signal to your Brother printer.

  1. Reduce distance: The fastest way to improve your WiFi signal is by bringing your printer closer to your WiFi router.
  2. Improve signal strength: WiFi signal strength can be improved by router placement and by creating a mesh network.

I was having connectivity problems in my house, including printer connection trouble. The router is located in the basement. And coverage was poor. So, I created a Mesh network.

How to Create AiMesh WiFi System

There are lots of systems that can do this. I’ve used Asus routers for 15+ years, so this was my easiest setup.

Here are the basics of how I set up an Asus AiMesh system.

  1. My mesh network includes three routers – one primary and two as nodes. I bought the ASUS AX11000 Gaming Router (ROG GT-AX11000) and added two smaller ASUS routers (RT-AC68U). I placed each of the smaller routers on opposite ends of the main level. By creating a mesh network, it creates multiple sources of connectivity.
  2. Download the ASUS router app and follow the instructions.
  3. Follow the steps on the app. It is important to name your primary and node routers for future modifications.

I’m loving my gaming router, and especially the mesh network. We have almost zero signal issues now.

For more tips, check out this video by This Old House.

Here’s how to find and reset your Brother printer default password.

2. Out of date drivers and firmware

This will probably only be a problem for more vintage machines.

But if you’re having trouble keeping a WiFi connection, it isn’t a bad idea to update your software to remove some variables.

Most Brother software can be updated automatically.

  • Firmware: This is the software that runs on your Brother printer. And it can be updated on your device. If you can’t connect to WiFi, consider connecting it via USB (to your computer) or network cable (to your modem) to run the update.
  • Drivers: This is the software that runs on your computer. If you’ve downloaded a program or utility already, look for the Update option.

Here’s where you can find the latest drivers for your Brother printer.

brother printer won't connect to wifi
Look for the WiFi button to ensure that your Brother printer is WiFi compatible

3. Wrong WiFi Settings

This seems obvious, but trust me – we’ve all been there.

  • The password is so familiar we assume that we’ve entered it correctly. But maybe we made a typo. Or the caps lock was on (this happened to me last week).
  • And are you trying to join the correct network? In my house, we have at least six networks (each with a unique SSID). Make sure that the password corresponds to the correct network.

4. Printer isn’t WiFi-Capable

This problem is less common than it used to be. But it’s worth confirming.

Is my printer WiFi compatible? On most wireless Brother printers, you’ll have a printer display. If that printer has WiFi connectivity, you’ll see Wireless settings option in the settings. And you’ll probably also have a WiFi radar icon showing signal strength.

If your printer isn’t wireless, you can still connect it in two ways: USB to your computer or via network cable to your router.

If you’re having trouble connecting you might consider resetting your Brother printer. It doesn’t take long and you’ll be working with a blank canvas for your settings.

Your Turn

How did the troubleshooting go for you? Were you able to connect your Brother printer to your WiFi network? Please share your experience and questions so other readers can benefit.