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Connect HP Printer to WiFi: 3 Easy Steps (4 Methods)

HP is a reputable printer brand popular for both commercial and home use. And wireless printing keeps things simple and allows devices around the home and office to easily print. Here’s how to connect your HP printer to your home (or office) WiFi network.

It’s a simple process to connect your HP printer to WiFi. The HP Smart App makes it very easy. And if you need, there are also three alternative connection methods. These include WPS, USB cable, and the built-in setup wizard.

connect hp printer to wifi

Therefore, we’ve compiled straightforward ways to access the wireless function with your HP printer, and we’ll also discuss common issues and how to fix them.

3 Steps: Connect Your HP printer to WiFi

The method you use to connect your HP printer to WiFi will vary depending on the model. There’s a support page online where you can search for your specific model and get assistance on setting it up with WiFi. 

The easiest way to get started with an up-to-date printer from HP is by using their Smart App. 

You’ll need:

  1. The wireless key or password to the network
  2. An HP printer with wireless capabilities that’s in wireless setup mode
  3. A computer (Windows 10 or 11) already connected to the network you’d like the printer connected to.

1. Download the HP Smart App

If you connect your printer to WiFi through the HP Smart App (Google Play or App Store), you’ll also be able to share and print from the mobile device or computer you want to use. 

Install the app on your phone or tablet. If you’ve never used the app before, you’ll need an HP account (sign in or create one) before you proceed.

2. Put your HP printer in WiFi setup mode

When you’re initially setting everything up, your HP printer should enter wireless setup mode automatically. It will remain in this setting for two hours.

If it’s been more than two hours, (or you need to establish a new connection) you’ll need to restart the method to go to setup mode. 

  • Touchscreen printers: Choose “Settings” or “Network Setup” from the Setup (or Wireless) menu and click “Restore Network Settings.”
  • Inkjet printers (no touch screen): Push and hold the Cancel and Wireless buttons until you see the Power light flashing. This action should prompt the wireless lights to start flashing as well, indicating there’s a connection taking place.
  • Laser printers (no touch screen): Push the Wireless button and hold it until the Power and Attention buttons start flashing. 

Or, you could push and hold both the Cancel and Wireless buttons until the lights for the Wireless function start flashing. The printer may restart during this time.  

Laser printers that don’t have a touch screen: Push the Wireless button and hold it until the Attention light starts flashing, followed by the Wireless light flashing.

Wireless button for connecting HP printer to WiFi
Wireless button for connecting HP printer to WiFi

3. Connect to WiFi

Open your HP Smart App and choose the tab “Set Up a New Printer.” Your app will find printers in the vicinity, enabled for WiFi setup mode.  

Next, select “Set Up” on the printer. The app will benefit that your printer is ready, and you can select “Continue.” 

Note: It’s important to confirm that the discovered model number matches your new printer. In apartment or office buildings, it’s possible to select a printer in a nearby room that isn’t yours.

The Smart App will ask you to enter the password for the WiFi network your computer or laptop is connected to. Select  “Continue” after you confirm the password. 

Security Step: While you’re waiting for the printer to connect, you have to confirm the proximity to the device for security protocol. You’ll get a prompt that tells you to touch a checkmark located on the printer interface.

If there is no touchscreen, you push the Info button in your printer. The app will confirm the WiFi connection. 

Using HP Smart to Connect Printer to WiFi

Potential WiFi Printer Problems

Sometimes you run into issues like the printer cannot be found, the WiFi signal being too weak, your password not working, and so on. 

Here are several ways you can troubleshoot the connection issues you may have when trying to connect an HP printer to WiFi:

  • Ensure your computer and printer is close to the wireless router to prevent an intermittent or weak signal
  • Check that the password didn’t get updated and that your network settings are correct
  • If you can’t get the WiFi to connect, turn all the devices off and on again, and redo the process detailed above
  • Ensure your drivers and software are correct for the printer
  • Contact HP customer service if you need additional assistance

3 Alternative Methods for HP Printer Connection

Here are alternative methods to connect an HP printer to wifi:

1. WPS 

For anywho who has a printer and router that are compatible with WiFi protected setup, or WPS, this solution is nearly as straightforward as auto-connect. 

Check the hardware you have for a WPS button, which are on many new devices, or review the product manual to confirm you have this option. Once located, push the WPS button on the printer and then the router. 

You can also try pressing the WPS button on the wireless router and then picking the right network on the printer interface.  

2. Setup Wizard

If your HP printer has a built-in display, try accessing the wireless setup function through the network options. 

You should see a complete list of the networks available to you. Select the one you want and type the security key to start using wireless printing

3. USB 

If you don’t have a printer display, try creating a manual connection by plugging in a USB cord from your printer to your computer as you install the software. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are quick answers to common questions regarding how to connect an HP printer to WiFi:

How do I get my printer to recognize my WiFi?

  1. First, select “Settings,” which you can find in the Start menu.
  2. Next, choose Devices, and then the option for Printers & Scanners.

Go to the option to add a new device, and if you don’t see the printer you want, click that the one you want isn’t listed, and follow the directions.

How do I fix my printer if it’s not connecting to WiFi?

Try using a cable to connect your printer. You should be able to see if the problem is your WiFi signal. Next, find another location for your printer. 

You can also reboot the device and ensure that your firmware is updated. Lastly, check to see that your device is on the correct network. If all else fails, reset your printer.

See our full guide to HP printer support.

Final Thoughts

Trying to connect an HP printer to WiFi is usually an easy task. Hopefully, this guide was direct and offered pointers to help you get your printer connected to the wireless network. 

If you cannot resolve any issues by following the steps detailed above, contact a representative from HP.