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Printer Skills

How to Photocopy on Printer

How to Photocopy on Printer: 2 Copy Methods (4 Easy Steps)

While most printers are used for printers, you can also photocopy with them too. Just look for the flatbed scanner ...
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How to Set a Default Printer

How to Set a Default Printer: Windows 10/11 & Mac (2 Options)

Setting the correct printer as default can save time and frustration when printing. And changing to a default printer is ...
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Is My Printer an Inkjet

Is My Printer an Inkjet? 5 Ways to Know (Inkjet vs Laser)

How do I know if my printer is inkjet or laser? This can affect printer maintenance, operation costs, and even ...
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How to Print Without Black Ink

How to Print Without Black Ink (3 Fast Fixes) 60 Seconds

If your black printer cartridge has run dry, can you still print? These three fast fixes work on all printer ...
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what does collate mean when printing

What Does Collate Mean When Printing? 6 Things to Know

If you print often, the term "collate" may be thrown around in your office frequently. Do we really know what ...
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how to print stickers

How to Print Stickers at Home (5 Supplies, 4 Custom Tips)

Making stickers at home is a fun task. Make and sell them under your Etsy business. Give them out free ...
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how to fax from printer

How to Fax From Printer: 2 Ways (Plus Great Online Alternative)

Faxing is still used by some offices for sending proposals and contracts. If you're like me, you no longer have ...
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photo transfer to wood

Photo Transfer to Wood: 7 Easy Steps (Video Tutorial) 6 Supplies

Many people try to think of thoughtful, heartfelt gifts to give a loved one for weddings, anniversaries, and other special ...
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how to scan on a canon printer

How to Scan on a Canon Printer: 3 Easy Methods (Step by Step)

Whether you need to share a copy of an important document or create a digital version for your records, the ...
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how to ping a printer

How to Ping a Printer: Windows & Mac (All Models)

The ping command is used to determine whether or not a computer can communicate with another over a network using ...
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how to hide a printer

How to Hide a Printer (13 Clever Ways to Conceal Ugly Printers)

Printers are a necessary evil for the home office. Sometimes the clunky appearance can offset the decor, even becoming a ...
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can you use a regular printer for transfer paper

Can You Use a Regular Printer for Transfer Paper? InkJet vs Laser

Thanks to transfer paper, the process for printing custom graphic t-shirts is easy. You only need a printer and computer ...
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How to Make Copies on a Printer

How to Make Copies on a Printer (8 Easy Steps) 9 Tips

Multi-function machines are pretty common in most home offices. Print, scan, copy, and fax all with the same unit. And ...
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How to Delete a Printer on Mac

How to Delete a Printer on Mac: 6 Easy Uninstall Steps (8 Tips)

Trying to remove a printer from your Mac? Whether you're troubleshooting an error or getting rid of an old printer, ...
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