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How to Get Brother Printer Out of Sleep (3 Easy Methods)

It can be frustrating when your Brother printer falls asleep, and you can’t seem to get it to wake up. We’re here to help. Here’s how to get Brother printer out of sleep mode.

Sleepy Brother printer? Here’s how to get your Brother printer out of sleep. First, you can press the “Go” or “OK” button. You can also change the “Sleep Mode” setting under options. And if all else fails, you can power cycle the printer, by turning it off, waiting, then turning it back on.

how to get brother printer out of sleep

How to Get Brother Printer Out of Sleep

Here are the three surefire ways to get your Brother printer out of sleep mode.

Even if the first method words, it’s a good idea to also change the Sleep Mode setting in the second method.

Method 1: Pressing the Go (or OK) Button

The simplest way to get your Brother printer out of sleep mode is to press “Go,” located on your panel of buttons. Depending on your model, it might have an OK button instead of Go.

These buttons may be located in different places depending on your model of Brother printer, but they will likely be visible on all printers.

When you press “Go,” the printer should switch from sleep mode to ready mode. You should be able to use your printer normally once it is in ready mode.

If you have tried pressing “Go,” however, and your printer still seems to be asleep, there are a couple of additional methods that may help you.

Method 2: Adjusting the “Sleep Mode” Setting

Another way to get a Brother Printer out of sleep is to adjust the “Sleep Mode” setting.

  1. To use this method, go to your printer’s Menu.
  2. Then, you need to find General Setup > Ecology > Sleep Time
  3. From here, you can either turn off Sleep Mode or adjust the time it takes for your printer to go to sleep.  
  4. To turn “Sleep Mode” off, press the “Start” and “Options” buttons at the same time. After you do this, you should see Sleep Mode: On on your printer’s small screen.
  5. When you see this, press either the “Up” or “Down” arrow button so your screen reads Off.
  6. You can then press the OK button to turn off sleep mode and use the Exit button to return to the Home screen.

If you want to adjust the amount of time it takes your printer to sleep, you can use the number buttons to enter the amount of time in minutes that your printer will stay awake.

Your printer can stay awake for up to 99 minutes.

Method 3: Turning It Off and Back On Again

Being told to restart your device can be frustrating, but this tried and true method always seems to help when nothing else works.

If your printer can’t seem to wake up, turn it completely off, wait a full minute, and turn it back on again. 

Sometimes, devices, including printers, just need a quick break to reset themselves. So, allowing your printer to reboot itself before turning it back on may have the break it needs to work properly once again. 

You can also take rebooting your printer a step further by unplugging the device for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on again.

This method may give the printer even more of a reset to start working routinely. 

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Additional Tips and Warnings

If you’ve tried the above methods but still need a little help with your Brother printer, we’ve got you covered. Here is some additional advice and warnings about Brother printers that may be useful.

Sometimes, your printer appears to be awake but is not printing anything.

  1. Try pressing Job Cancel or Stop/Cancel and then attempt to reprint your material.
  2. You may also need to double-check your network connection to be sure your printer receives the print job.

When problems with electricity occur, you may not be able to wake your printer or turn it on at all. Printers will often automatically shut off for your safety. Be sure to wait before plugging your printer back in and do so carefully to avoid additional technical problems or injury.

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how to turn off sleep mode on brother printer

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Fully Awake Brother Printer

If your Brother printer falls asleep, there is no need to panic. Waking your printer is often a simple process you can accomplish by clicking a few buttons.

With these methods and tips, we hope you can print stress-free.