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Printer Fixes: Guides for Troubleshooting Printer Problems

canon printer prints blank pages

Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages? 4 Fast Fixes

If you printed any amount, you've probably had the problem of it printing blank pages. It can be super frustrating ...
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Canon Support Code 5100

Canon Support Code 5100: 5 Ways to Clear the Error

If your Canon printer isn't working, don't worry. Printers display an error code to let you know what the issue ...
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Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Canon Printer Troubleshooting Guide: 8 Reasons It Isn’t Printing

When technology doesn't work, it can become very frustrating. Printing a copy of your work should be as easy as ...
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How to Fix a Printer Jam

How to Fix a Printer Jam: 5 Easy Steps (Inkjet, Laser, All Types)

Printer paper jams are a common workplace frustration. Go from feeling productive to a full halt as your print spits ...
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printer not responding

How to Fix Printer Not Responding Error: All Models (Win/Mac)

When trying to print, you may encounter the printer not responding error. Incorrect hardware status or configuration and corrupted drivers ...
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iphone cant find printer

My iPhone Can’t Find My Printer! Answered: 6 Settings (AirPrint)

iPhones have AirPrint technology that lets you print everything, including web pages, documents, and photos. Even without the AirPrint, you ...
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how to rename a printer

How to Rename a Printer in Windows & Mac (Easy Step by Step)

Despite impressive advances in tech, printers remain some of the most annoying tools to use. They have difficulty connecting, printing ...
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how to reset hp printer

How to Reset an HP Printer: 7 Methods (Factory, Network, Firmware)

If you are experiencing printer problems and need to reset your HP printer, there are a few methods you can ...
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how to find printer ip address

How to Find Printer IP Address (4 Ways) All Brands

To connect your printer to a computer, you'll probably need the printer’s IP address. Here's how to find your printer ...
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printer in error state

8 Ways to Fix Printer in Error State (5 Brands)

Your printer's efficiency plays a huge role in your workflow -- which is why it's important to know what to ...
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printer printing blank pages

Printer Printing Blank Pages? Here Are 4 Easy Fixes (5 Brands)

With the start of the pandemic and a slew of workers and students working from home, the necessity for functional ...
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Printer Fixes