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How to Check Ink & Toner Levels on Canon Printer (2 Easy Ways)

Whether you’re a student, writer, or running a business it never feels good to run out of ink or toner. Learning how to check ink levels on Canon printers can help prevent this frustrating situation.

In this simple guide, you’ll learn how to check both ink and toner levels on your Canon printer. You can check these levels on the actual printer or from your connected computer.

Check Ink Levels on Canon Printers

Does your printer use ink or toner?

Ink or toner? Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. But ink and toner are quite different.

  1. If you have an inkjet, you use ink. Most color printers use liquid ink.
  2. And while there are color laser printers, most are black only. If your printer only prints black and white, it is probably a laser printer. And laser printers use toner (a fine powder).

Does your printer use ink or toner?

1. How to Check Ink Levels on Canon Printers

If you need to know how to check ink levels on Canon printer, the sections below explain how to view ink levels on your printer or computer. You may need to print a configuration page to check ink levels, so ensure you have usable printer paper in the machine.

A. On Your Printer

Scroll through the Canon menu and look for Device Status or Consumables, it may say either. Depending on your Canon printer model, it may also say Supply Status. Select one of these options when you see it.

If you cannot find any sections with these headings, consult your printer’s user manual. The menu may have different categories. If you cannot find any useful information, refer to the instructions in the next section.

  • On newer Canon printers, you will be able to view the ink levels on the small screen.
  • But if you do not have this screen, you have to print a configuration page. Printing a configuration page is easy on Canon printers.

You can hold the continue button for five seconds or hold the cancel button for three seconds and then click the continue button.

Your user manual will explain which option applies to your printer. The configuration printout will show your current ink levels.

B. On Your Computer

Most people prefer checking ink levels using their computers because it’s easier.

  1. All you need to do is log into your computer and establish a connection with your printer. You cannot check ink levels until you establish this connection.
  2. Once you connect to the printer, click on the Canon icon and press start.
  3. Another window will pop up. On this window, select Devices and Printers. Select the printer you want to check the ink levels on.
  4. On some computers, the ink levels will immediately pop up at the bottom of the window with all the printer information. If not, click File in the top left corner of your screen. Select Printer Preferences and then navigate to a tab that says Supplies or Maintenance.

The ink levels will be displayed there. If they are not, your computer and printer may not support supply-level reporting. But most Canon printers made after 2005 do support and monitor ink levels.

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2. How to Check Toner Levels on Canon Printers

Usually, ink levels and toner levels will be displayed in the same place, whether on your printer or computer. But there may be some slight differences, depending on your computer and Canon printer model.

Here’s how to check Canon toner levels on your printer and computer.

A. On Your Printer

To check your toner levels on a Canon printer, you can repeatedly press cancel and scroll through the menu until you find the Toner Gauge option. Navigate to this option and click on it.

The toner gauge will show six squares. If all are black, your toner is full. If only one or two squares are black and the rest are empty, your toner is low, and you may need more soon. If none of the squares are filled-in black, you are out of toner.

If you refill your toner, you can hold the Stop button to reset the toner levels and return to the main menu. Ensure you reset the levels. Otherwise, you will not know how much toner is in the printer the next time you want to check.

B. On Your Computer

Checking toner levels on a computer is almost the same as checking ink levels. You must connect your computer to the printer in question. Once the printer and computer establish a connection, click on the Canon icon to open the start menu.

  1. In this window, find the Devices and Printers option.
  2. A new tab will open, showing you all printers associated with your network or computer.
  3. Select the printer you want to check. There may be an image of the printer, or you’ll have to find it by name.
  4. When you choose your printer, a new window will open, and the toner levels will appear at the bottom. If you do not see the toner levels, you can print a configuration page from your computer that will show the toner levels.

Monitoring your toner levels can prevent downtime during peak business hours.

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Bottom Line

Now, you can routinely check the ink and toner, so you know when to buy more. Now that you know how to check ink levels on Canon printer, you should never have that panicked feeling of realizing you have no ink or toner left.